examples of dangerous wiring

We include below a small selection of dangerous wiring that our electricians have encountered whilst working at various premises. Whilst poor wiring usually only results in some electrical items not working, sometimes it can be much more serious:

House fires - the statistics:

So make sure that you do not do any mains electrical wiring yourself (now illegal unless you are suitably qualified), and employ a fully qualified electrician to do it for you!

dangerous wiring example

These old style connectors and junction boxes are no longer acceptable, these will need to be replaced or cable routes rewired.

overloading of mains junction box

This junction box is designed for just 4 cables. Here you can see someone has managed to cram in 13!

deadly mains wiring example

The wiring here was found in a loft extension, the owner of which was a DIY fanatic. Photo speaks for itself.

rodent damaged mains cable

Rats and Mice clearly can cause great damage. This house was so bad, it needed a full rewire.

dangerous mains wiring with no earth cable

This is the result, of letting the builder do his own wiring. We found no earth here in this bathroom. All circuits had to be re-earthed.